20 years old, Atlanta, GA, With high hopes of transferring to UGA for Fashion Merchandising. Currently working to gain experience in the field until I'm able to do so.
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totes ma goats

My best friend:)

Never gets old #skidaway #sunset

Get used to this look *ding*#glasses #gottastartwearingthemmore

RIP my childhood cat<3

RIP my childhood cat<3

the new me.

I wear glasses now:(

I’m still adjusting to them. I’m dizzy and nauseous and my depth perception is out of whack. joyyy.



White lace top, blue shorts, red shoes. America. Along with red, white, and blue beads, red lipstick, and sliver & gold glitter eyeshadow.

This is the first 4th of July that I haven’t spent in Pittsburgh in years,

This is the first 4th of July that it’s been a rainy, cloudy day,

This is the first 4th of July ever that I won’t be seeing a fireworks show. ( the one here got cancelled from the rain. It’s not like it was even a good one anyways, but still).

I decided I’ll try to make this day a decent one by spending it in the kitchen. So, I’ll be making delicious cook out foods and come up with a crafty patriotic dessert idea. I swear I’m not doing this so I can eat my feelings.

(I wish I was in Pittsburgh.)